$5 PoisionTap can easily and quickly hijacks the Locked Computers


A simple $5 device can easily gatecrash a computer even if the computer is locked.  To take control of Computer, You can easily connect PoisionTap to the USB port and it declares that it is not a USB device; rather it is an Ethernet interface.  The computer, through Wi-Fi sends a DHCP request; it requests to allocate an IP. PoisionTap reacts to the request, and it produces a large range of IPs that is actually connected to the local LAN through the fake wired connection.

Your computer can easily accept these requests and send details to the fake IPs on PoisonTap instead of sending to the real services and websites. The transactions can happen without your interference. Pre-loaded items such as ads and analytics will be vigorous, and once it sends the HTTP request, immediately PoisnTap responds with a stream of the data-hideout, nasty iframes for a top-million Alexa Sites. These iframes are set with back doors, stay there until someone removes it.

In the meantime, sessions and cookies are being converted and collected to the invader’s own reasons. The router itself is uncovered to remote management. All this stays after PoisonTap has been removed, and in less than a minute everything happens even if your computer is locked.

This intruding can happen even if you have taken standard security measures, including password protection, DNS pinning, two-factor authentication, and more. All this happens because basically the OS determines to trust an odd USB connection when it says it is a LAN surrounding the entire Internet.

In fact, server admins must prevent this by implementing HTTPS at every level.  But it is awful at the client side. Microsoft and Apple found about this only today. When the reporters approached both the companies for the comment, but the reporter still didn’t get any reply from the Company Authorities.


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For Phantom 4 Drone, DJI Initiates Pro Edition


The DJI a Chinese drone maker is already in a powerful place in the market for both commercial and consumer drones and the company is not showing any signs of slowing down in the near future.  In fact, it is trying to introduce new product quickly than ever, and making the competitors struggle to continue and keep up with them.

Today, the company released the Phantom 4 Pro, which is a modified version of Phantom 4 units that released in the month of March 2016, just 8 months ago.  The new Pro version brags a better camera, greater battery life, and advanced impediment avoidance, and also extra intelligent flight modes. It offers little space between the new Mavic Pro and the top of the Phantom line, it is smaller and cheaper drone that DJI released in October, as per reports has the advanced technology and it is little more powerful than the Phantom 4.

The camera in the Pro edition has one-inch CMOS sensor, which shoots 20megapixel still and it can easily capture approx 11.6 stops of active range. The greater the dynamic range, then the better the camera sensors will be as it can easily balance and decide the differences between dark and light.  This is the most common issue with aerial recording when you have a brightly lit sky besides dark ground below.

Also, several drone cameras combats with the rolling shutter effect that can offer a Jell-O kind of shake to recording, particularly when filming fast pans or following speedy moving subjects.  DJI says a new automatic shutter on the Pro will help to improve that. Also, it has the capacity to adjust the lens aperture that offers filmmakers a better control over the power of field in their pictures or images.  The camera in burst mode can easily shoot 14 photos per second and it can capture slow-motion video at sixty frames per second.



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Microsoft Joining Linux Foundation, Leaves Everyone Surprised


Microsoft a massive force in the world of software licensing and exceptionality has united with the Linux Foundation. This decision made so many people wonder and some are in shock.

The Microsoft Company revealed the information in a conference held in New York today. The company authorities said that they are joining the Linux Company as a platinum member. This non-profit Company has three levels of membership, and the platinum is the highest among others, including silver and gold. As a platinum member, the Microsoft Company has decided to donate a minimum of 500,000 dollars yearly to the development and opens source growth of various kinds of projects.

This announcement is a great deal for both open source community and the Microsoft, but, the Microsoft Company may try to change its position on Linux for some time. The software company has slowly prepared to its former opponents and to into its fold both the open source community and the Linux foundation unconfined in the name of collaboration and problem solving.

Microsoft showed its concern by supporting events like Linuxcon and making things certified by becoming the Linux Foundation member which is really a soothing step that can help them heal their old wounds.

Probably many people really want to know what would be those. Well, the former CEO Steve Ballmer of Microsoft was infamously against Linux during his service period at the company. In an interview, 2001 conducted by Chicago Sun-Time he has criticized severely the Linux Foundation, and he also criticized the open source movement and Linux as a whole.

He said Linux is like a cancer disease that can append itself in a logical suitable sense to everything it joins. He also added that the open source licensing, asserting the open source software in a way made all other software companies inferior. That is why this alignment created shock to many people, especially Linux fans to see the Microsoft Company donating half a million dollars to the open source society after 15 years.

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Most Suppliers are not approved for Apple OLED Proposal in iPhones


Apple Inc., has been planning to introduce energy saving, vibrant organic LED displays. The company is looking to persuade customers with its new technology, which is already clasped by other popular Smartphone makers.

The problem is that the 4 major suppliers for this kind of components don’t have the efficient production capability to provide screens by next year for all new iPhones, restraint continues till 2018, and people who know about this situation says that there is a potential challenge for a California-based for the Cupertino.

It is difficult to produce OLED screens, which is making Apple get the suppliers mercy and they are still trying to make a mass quantity of displays. The four major suppliers, including LG Display Co., Samsung Display Co., Japan Display Inc., Sharp Corp. However, Samsung wants to become a sole supplier by next year to supply new display, but the South Korean company cannot be able to provide enough displays due to low-profit rates united with rising iPhone demand.

The supply restriction may make Apple to utilize OLED in only one version of the next-gen iPhone, drive back acceptance of the technology or motive other snags.

Dan Panzica who is a HIS Mrkit supply chain analyst says that the Apple company already knows that there will be great demand for these OLED models and they have also might have known that there will be restrictions to these screens. He also said that the permutation of Apple’s rigorous quality supplies and the intricacy of making OLED panels will probably lead to supply restraints.

People who know about the news said that Apple wants to ship minimum one new iPhone with OLED screen next year, which is also the 10th anniversary of the Smartphone’s debut.  Ming-Chi Kuo a KGI Securities analyst says that other pair of iPhone models will probably feature older LCD technology screens, this is mostly because of not having enough supply of OLED displays.


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Lavish laptop: 13-inch MacBook Pro along with Touch Bar


The new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is finally here, and this next-gen touch bar is completely equipped with a high-end processor, however, it has a few differences on the outside though the MacBook Pro shares the similar design and form factor. This version does not come with Apple’s fancy new effort technique. Therefore, it is not necessary to go through again the covered details, including trackpad, display, in-depth imitation of the keyboard, built quality, etc.  If you are looking for a practical outline of the complete design of the Late-2016MacBook Pro, then make sure to read the original practical or hands-on post.

The reproduction will concentrate on the areas that distinguish the Touch Bar equipped MacBook Pro to the basic model. Here you can find the hands-on impression of the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, Faster processors, Touch ID, extra USB-C ports, and more.  You can also view the complete video and get all the details of the Pro.


The base model of MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is available at 1799 dollars and it may swiftly increase its price according to the configuration. You can get 2.9GHz for 1799 dollars and it also comes with dual-core Intel core i5 that can increase up to 3.3GHz. Intel Iris Graphic 550 included GPU, 256GB PCle and 8GB of 2133 megahertz LPDDR3 RAM.

You can upgrade the 13-inch form factor processor, a 3.3GHz dual-core IC (Intel Core) i7 processor with TB (Turbo Boost) up to 3.6GHz.  You can also choose 16GB Ram and 512GB storage options.

The final product with the configuration will cost around 2,499 dollars.  It is one of the fastest 13-inch MacBBook Pro that is available on the market, you can avoid paying extra on 512GB of storage.  However, Apple Storage prices are always at higher-end, and when you choose 1TB SSD than the price can go up to 3,000 dollars including taxes.


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Man’s Hand Burns After Samsung Galaxy S7 Exploded


Samsung launched its new Galaxy S7 Smartphone in February 2016. But, unfortunately, the Company facing several problems as they found that the device exploded in his owner’s hand and it also caught on fire.  The reports say, that the Canadian man who bought Galaxy S7 was  the unfortunate one as this past Sunday his device exploded in his car. This 34-year old Amarjit Mann was driving in his car, and he was carrying Galaxy S7 in his pocket, suddenly he felt hot on his side pocket, and when he took out the Galaxy S7 from his pocket at once it exploded in his hands.

When the Smartphone exploded in his hands, Amarjit Mann immediately threw away his phone from his car windows; fortunately, his car windows were open when the device exploded.  But, the device was stuck in his hand for a few seconds before he could throw it away.  Since Mann has no phone to call for help he drove to his friend’s home and from there they went to the hospital. Mann suffered from second and third-degree burns, fortunately he recovered, but this trauma will stay with him for a longer period. When he was at Seven Oaks Hospital, in an interview he said that he took his GalaxyS7 Smartphone out of his side pocket, and right away it exploded in his hand. He said, initially he felt a little steam strike his hand and instantly the device exploded like a bomb, he also said that one of the sparks from the fire hit his cheek just a few inches below his eye, he thanked God as he was not using the device otherwise, his entire face would have burnt if he is holding it close to his ear.

Mann is working as a mechanic, he said he wants to trail a lawsuit against the Company for giving this kind of agony, pain and probably pay cut.  The burns on his hand, probably take 8 to 9 days to heal. He was also trying to warn other users as this device is like a bomb and you don’t know when it will explode. He bought Galaxy S7 just six months ago, and he got it for 744 dollars, his carrier told him to approach Samsung directly about his concerns, which he planned to do.

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For AI Research, Open AI Endorses Microsoft


OpenAI and Microsoft have aligned together to support artificial intelligence.  They announced their partnership on Tuesday.  Redmond’s Harry Shum mentioned in his blog entry that encouraging OpenAI can help people deal with some of the most difficult problems in the world.

Shum, the Executive Vice President of Research Group and Microsoft AI said that they are thrilled that OpenAI selected Microsoft Azure as their main cloud platform; this can help them go forward in their research and produce new technologies and tools that only the cloud can do.

This alliance can benefit OpenAI through Microsoft’s Azure CCI (Cloud Computing Infrastructure) releases access to the significant AI experiments. Also, Microsoft can benefit through OpenAI’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) research to develop major services like conversation recognition, voice, and real-time translation.

According to Redmond, Musk a nonprofit research company was strained to open-sourced technology of Azure, and also its Machine Learning, Cognitive Toolkit, and Batch capabilities were drawn. The deal also profits OpenAI with early access to the GPU-powered N-series VM software, which is designed for profound learning and other demanding workloads.

Redmond also mentioned in his OpenAI blog entry that in the future they will use thousands of these machines to develop both the size of the models and the number of an experiment that they train.

Y Combinator’s Sam Altman and Tesla CEO Musk co-founded the company, and they started it in December, and they were endorsed by industry big shots, including Reid Hoffman and IlyaSutskever, Peter Thiel, Jessica Livingston, AWS (Amazon Web Services), YC Research and Infosys.   The group declared that they are planning for 3 AI project in the month of June.

Also, in this week, Microsoft started its Azure Bot service, which is a new program that facilitates developers to simply manage and deploy bots on Azure.


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Turn Your Photo Prints into Premium Digital Images with Google PhotoScan


Google Photos team has released a Google PhotoScan app that can turn your normal old photo prints into high-quality digital images. It also allows you to save these prints to the cloud with just a single tap.  This app is compatible with Android and iOS, and allows you to scan quite a large number of prints with a novel, which is similar to the interface.  The swapping speed of the scans is little lower than your expectations that you can usually get from a conventional flatbed scanner.

PhotoScan interface is a user-friendly interface and doesn’t require any login. The app allows you to open the camera and guides you to place a photo in the frame.  Once you place the photo, you will find four dots on your photo.  You just need to move your phone on each dot to scan and hold it till the circle gets filled. Once you cover all the four dots, the photo is scanned, and immediately you can slide the next picture on your Smartphone and repeat the same process.

Through this app, the photo prints are automatically cropped, color corrected and rotated.  Just with a single tap, you can save these Google Photos, and you also find them easily by typing ‘scans’ on search inside Google PhotoScan. It also facilitates you to save these Google photos in your camera and allows you to share them with your friends using other apps.

David Lieb a product development lead for Google Photos said that the objective of Google PhotoSnap is to influence people to turn their old photos into digital images that way they can still have their photos safely stored in the cloud even if they lost the old prints.  PhotoScan is also advanced to influence more people to shift their photo library to the Google Photos.

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After Five months of release of OnePlus 3, The Company Is Releasing Better Phone


OnePlus Company took an odd move as it is planning to release a new high-end phone, which is called as OnePlus 3T, but the company had released OnePlus 3 just 5 months ago.

The OnePlus 3T looks same as the OnePlus 3, but it comes with a bigger battery, better camera, and faster processor. The price of this new phone is little a costlier than the OnePlus 3, you can get 64GB around 439 dollars, and 399 pounds and 129GB, is around 479 dollars and 439 pounds.  For Australian, the price is not certain yet, but if you convert US dollars, then it would come between 580 Australian Dollars and 630 Australian Dollars. You can obtain gold finish phone later, but it is available for the 64GB model only.

According to KyleKiang, the Company’s marketing head the new OnePlus 3T phone is little advanced the 3. He says, that Company does not want to hold back some of the features for a whole year, till they release next flagship.  The marketing head also said that the updated software in the 3T can be easily installed for the OnePlus 3 owners also.

However, for OnePlus 3 Smartphone owners, it is still smart.  The 3 is absolutely great and you don’t need to regret at all. But, the only reason people are feeling bad about is, the company is selling a better version just for 40 dollars more.

You can get the OnePlus 3T in the US by this month end as it is getting released on November 22, and it will be available in Europe on 28th November.  Once the company releases the OnePlus 3T phone, then it is planning to stop selling the OnePlus 3.

When you compare 3T with 3, 3T comes with superior battery capacity and it has a faster processor.  The size of the battery is same in both the models and they come with outstanding charging technology.  When the company did the lab tests and when they continuously played videos on airplane mode, then the OnePlus 3 battery lasted for 14hrs and 17mins, so hopefully the 3T battery may last longer than that.


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Microsoft Promises Black Friday Preview Deals on Windows laptops, Surface devices


The Microsoft online store is giving 400 dollar discount on Surface Book laptop and also offering special discount offers on Alienware and Dell Notebooks.  Many people are looking forward to BalckFriday offers from Microsoft on Xbox deals. Microsoft website also offering special deals on Windows devices that are already previewing. This includes discounts on the surface system, however, it is little difficult to determine the actual savings.

Microsoft is also offering a deal on Surface Pro $ tablet, it’s a Core i5 model that comes with 256GB storage along with a 999 dollar Type cover accessory, which is 429 dollars off on the regular price.  It is also taking 200 off on another Surface Pro, the exact configuration is not planned yet, but the process of purging proposes the Corei5 with 128GB storage and 4GB RAM as it is the same original price of 999 dollars as advertised by Microsoft.

Along with Surface deal, the Company is also promoting 4 windows 10 laptop discount sales on its website, including 3 from the Dell and one from Alienware the gaming arm. But, Microsoft is playing Black Friday tricks on retailers, by saying that the original price of these devices is much higher than the present price of the device or item. For example, if you take the Dell Inspiron 15 i5559-4682SLV that comes with Core i5-6200U, 8GB Ram, 15.6inch full HD touchscreen, and 1TB Hard Drive are publicized as 749 dollars as its original price that make the 399 dollar price like a take.  But, if you go to the laptop product page, you can see that the company is already selling the same configured laptop just for 499 dollars, which means you will be getting only 100 dollars off on a Black Friday discount.  Which is not a bad deal, but the promo suggests 350 dollars.


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